1. Nichols of Rainbow Danger Club and Death to Giants writes a column about local music in Shanghai every week. More in-depth, informed coverage like this can only be a good thing for everyone involved.

  4. Mr. Best wrote about the show here. He also did a great job representing the campaign in meeting directly with a City Weekend editor.

  5. Mr. Rat wrote about us here. See him play at the show (with Hujiahuwei) as well.

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    Straight to/from the source. Suckas.

    Straight to/from the source. Suckas.

  8. The Manifesto.

    Fuck Cancer. Fuck City Weekend Shanghai.

    The Manifesto

    Preface: This is a last-resort tactic from numerous people in the Shanghai music scene and its peripheries. Our goal is not to put down City Weekend Shanghai, but to help lift it to what we believe can be its potential as a journalistic vehicle. It is born out of our long-simmering frustration with failed alternatives in the past. A multitude of issues have emerged over an extended period of time, and we feel that the zeitgeist dictates these are now coming to a head.

    Declaration of issues:

    1. “Misappropriation of the underground music scene” – City Weekend Shanghai has frequently insinuated that it is an in-the-know resource for coverage of the local music scene, but such attempts have been mostly vapid and wrongheaded. Several informed people have, at various times, attempted to change this for the better —- but they have almost always been left feeling frustrated and disappointed by the attitude of the editorial staff. With regard to this issue, if City Weekend Shanghai would simple disassociate itself from the scene, and refrain from glomming onto it in an attempt to appear relevant and informed, it would be a welcomed improvement.

    2. “No journalistic integrity, aka ‘corporate sycophancy’” – The editors and management of City Weekend Shanghai have frequently shown an inability to separate journalistic and business interests. Requesting that coverage be paid for is unacceptable, and is just one example of their having prioritized profit over substance.

    3. “Shallow engagement with their subject material, bordering on willful ignorance” – The coverage that finds itself in City Weekend Shanghai is so lacking in depth, it often gives the impression that the majority of CW writers are merely name-dropping rather than exploring, critiquing or investigating.

    4. “Refusal to address feedback from readership” – City Weekend Shanghai has repeatedly been found to ignore feedback, including that regarding incorrect or outdated content. Furthermore, the editorial staff has often responded harshly or dismissively, if a response is given at all, when criticized by the readership.

    5. Cancer sucks.

    In conclusion,

    Fuck cancer. Fuck City Weekend Shanghai.

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    We’ll be announcing soon which charities will receive the funds raised by the show. Look here for updates.

    We’ll be announcing soon which charities will receive the funds raised by the show. Look here for updates.